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The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe operates 6 recreation areas on the Missouri River in South Dakota. There are no fees for use of these areas and access is gained by road from within the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation, external boundaries. The clickable map below shows the entire Reservation with each recreation area labeled. Detailed information about the services offered at each recreation area is listed below.

Recreation Area Map






Blackfoot Recreation Area: Located east of the community of Blackfoot near the mouth of the Moreau River. Two picnic tables, shades, and a vaulted toilet were installed at this facility. Used primarily by Blackfoot community members for lakeshore fishing, swimming, and family picnicking.

Old Agency Park: Located on the west shore of Lake Oahe just north of Highway 212, is named after the town that once served as home to the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Headquarters. Primitive, primarily used for swimming, fishing and camping and consists of one shaded eating area, two vaulted toilets and one grill. The Old Agency Park is also located on the west shore of Lake Oahe on the southside of Highway 212. This site has a boat ramp, floating dock, vaulted toilets, three shaded eating areas and a garbage dumpster on site.

Rousseau Park: Located on the north shore of the Cheyenne River approximately 13 miles east and 21 miles south of Eagle Butte by road. The park entrance is 1.4 miles from the graded road and there is about a mile of road through the park. This site has three shades, four grills, garbage dumpster and three vaulted toilets. Used mainly by Tribal members for fishing, swimming and camping. Has beautiful sandy shore line and trees to offer shade.

Aeber Creek (Pump House): Located on the north shore of the inundated Cheyenne River approximately 21 miles south of Eagle Butte. This area is located next to the pumping station that services all of the municipal water demand on the Reservation. It is the closest recreation area to the city of Eagle Butte. Offers primitive lake access, fishing and swimming and consists of one shaded eating area, one vaulted toilet, and one grill.


Bender Bay: Located on the north shore of the inundated Moreau River roughly 9 miles south of the Sitting Bull Monument in southern Corson County. Does not receive many visitors, but offers primitive lake access.