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About Us

Our department oversees the management of game, nongame, and federally threatened and endangered fish and wildlife species. This involves activities such as population/production monitoring, habitat restoration/development, harvest monitoring/management, game law enforcement, hunter education, and depredation management. We are charged with enforcing the rules and regulations of our Tribal Hunting, Fishing, and Outdoor Recreation Code. We also manage the Tribal elk and buffalo within enclosed pastures and offer annual hunting opportunities for elk. In addition, we operate and maintain the parks and recreation areas located within the external boundaries of the Reservation, many of which border the nationally popular Missouri River/Lake Oahe.

Most recently we were given the task of developing tourism throughout the Reservation. Upon request, we will hunt for the elderly members of the Tribe during the big game season and provide them with the meat from those hunts. We are also part of the Tribe's Emergency Task Force which responds during an emergency and provides services to all of the communities throughout the Reservation when the need arises.  For more information, contact us.